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  1. Every student must bring his/her diary to school every day.

  2. Students will not be allowed to attend classes without complete uniform.

  3. Students must attend the school regularly and punctually.

  4. All the text books and notebooks should be covered with brown sheet and labelled.

  5. To secure a "pass certificate" students should secure at least 33% marks.

  6. Students found using unfair means in tests or exams will automatically merit zero.

  7. Attendance is compulsory on school functions.

  8. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without the Principal's permission.

  9. Students must take care of school property any intentional damage of property will lead to expulsion.

  10. Filthy language is a serious behavioural disorder.

  11. Students are not allowed to bring sharp instruments, mobile phones or wear jewellery, rings, bangles etc in the school.

  12. Changing of class rooms between periods should be done with silence.

  13. No shouting or whisting is allowed in or around the school building.

  14. Lending or borrowing money or other articles from other students is not permitted.

  15. Students must observe polite manners wherever they go. Remember that the school is judged by your conduct. Greet your teachers and elders whenever you meet them.

  16. The School reserves all rights to terminate the schooling of students without prior information due to unsatisfactory academic performance of whose conduct is a bd precept for others.

  17. Undisciplined behaviour in the school buses will lead to dismissal of the student from using transport facility.

  18. All the students must SPEAK IN ENGLISH at the school and we request the parents to do so at home as well.

  19. Students must be in the school premises ten minutes before the assembly bell.

  20. Students suffering from contagious/infectious diseases will not be allowed to attend the classes till they are completly cured.

A word to parents

  1. Please check the hair cut, nail cut, physical cleanliness and neatness of the uniform of your ward daily.

  2. Please check whether your ward carries books, note books etc. according to time table to avoid inconvenience and carrying extra burden of unrequired study material is not needed.

  3. Please encourage your ward to do the home work himself/ herself. You may guide and help in case of certain difficulty.

  4. Misbehavior with any staff member may also provide ground for expulsion of your ward.

  5. You are not permitted to meet your ward or teachers during school hours except with the prior permission of the Principal.

  6. You are requested to sign and return the progress report within three days of ereceiveing it. Returning it without your signature/forged signature or overwriting in marks or other entries is unacceptable.

  7. You are requested to check the diary of your ward daily to maintain proper communication with the school.

  8. You are requested not to send your ward to school if he/ she is sick.

  9. Please inform the school immediately in case of any change in address or phone number.

  10. Leave for half day should not be asked. In emergency written permission must be taken from the principal.

  11. You are requested to attend every " Parent teachers meeting" as per schedule but refrain yourself from unnecessary criticism. Please see the trun out of your ward every morning. Ensure to deposit all school dues as per schedule.

  12. We welcome your innovative suggestions for the betterment of the school and your co-operation in its smooth functioning.

Aims and Objectives

Einstein Public School is conceived to provide world- class education facilities to our children in rural areas, who are devoid of such opportunities, It is being promoted by "Shanti Devi Manav Sansthan" Which is a charitable organization and has received the blessings of many individuals and ogranizations that care about our future generation, under developed regions and under privileged folks. This intiative is purely nonprofity making, service oriented and rural centric.

Einstein Public School has been purposefully named after the renowned scientist and mathematician Albert Einstein, Whose philosophy and findings have changed the life of the whole humanity. His life and achievements will always inspire our students. In this institution, our efforts would be to give our students and environmnet of open thinking, analytical and rational approach, teamwork and positive attitude.

We, here at Einstein Public School, endeavour to give opportunity to our students to excel mentally, physically and socially to face the challenges ahead and to reach the heights and to contribute in the growth of the nation and humanity abundantly. At the same time we are particular about descipline and conduct of our students. We belive in traditional social values and wish our students to imbibe them with open mind.

School Timings

Summer : April to October 8:00 Am to 2:00 PM

Winter : November to March : 8:45Am to 2:PM

Office Hours

To meet Principal 9:00 to 10:00 PM

Fee Deposit 9:00 AM to 2:15 PM

School Uniform


For Summers :

White half sleeved shirt with the collar and pocket with school monogram, Gray pants, tie, belt, white socks and black shoes. I Card.

For Winters :

White full sleeved shirts, Maroom V neck sweater with white striped & navy blue blazer monogram and rest all as above. House T shirt, White pants, White shoes and socks, rest all above except tie or Saturday.

Whiter PT shoes on all Wednesday throughtout the academic session.


For Summers :

White half sleeve shirts with the collar and pocket (School monogram on left shoulder) Gray V neck tunic ( four - finger above knees) tie, belt, white socks and black shoes, white ribbons, hair band, I card.

For Winters :

White full sleeve shirts, Royal blue woolen pant, Maroon V neck sweater with white strip, Navy Blue blazer with monogram and rest, all as above.

House T Shirts with monogram on left shoulder, V neck tunic ( four fingers above knees) white shoes and socks, rest as above except tie on Saturdays.

(Note: Blazer is compulsory for all classes for the months of November to February.)

* White PT shoes on all Wednesdays throughout the academic session.


Registration is open in the month of January and February of every year.

Entrance tests / interviews will be taken from 1st March from LKG to IX.

Nursery to KG   :   Meeting with principal

I to V   :   Written test will be taken

VI to IX   :   Written test will be taken

For Class XI ( From last week of May) Based on interview / Written test.

Admissions are purely on merit basic "come first get first". No condidate will be entertained after due time in any circumstances. Please be on time to avoid inconvenience. All candidates have to produce the required documents.

Attendance, Absence And Leave

  1. Regular attendance is important for successful result. it is compulsory for students to maintain 75% attendance during the course of academic session failing which students will not be allowed to appear for the Evaluation / Examination.
    The percentage of attendance, however could be relaxed on medical rounds but such students will not be eligible to receive academic awards.

  2. Leave will be sanctioned only for urgent and unavoidable circumstances or in case of sickness, written application from parents/ guardians must be sent other principal.

  3. No student, who has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class without a letter from the parent.

  4. Student who have been sick for more than three days should bring a medical certificate from a qualified Doctor.

  5. Students absent for seven continuous days without sanctioned leave are liable to be struck off from the rolls. On re-admission, admission fee of Rs 500 Will be charged.

  6. A student whose name has been struck off for absence and is habitually late or persistently too careless or indisciplined may not be re-admitted to the school.

  7. Students must be present on the re-opening day after each vacation.

  8. It is advisable to ensure that a student is not disturbed during Examination days and is not asked to attend family function.

  9. All entries of absence late of half--day leave should be made in the school diary.

  10. A special certificate and award will be given to the students who will have 100% attendance.


Any parent who wants to withdraw his ward from the school just deposit one month's notice of fee before withdrawal.
The issuing of Transfer Certificate will be withheld by the principal until the school dues are cleared. A student seeking re-admission on any account will have to pay admission and other fee again.


The school authorities have the right to dismiss students for the following reasons :

Points to Remember

  1. All correspondence with the parents will be done at the address given to the school in the admission form.

  2. Parents must notify the school of any subsequent change of address.

  3. Name, class and section of the pupil should be marked on his/her belongings.

  4. No member of the staff is authorized o collect fee from parents. All fees must be deposited in the school office with the cashior.

  5. The school cannot accept responsibility in case of sickness of accidents which may occur in the science laboratories or on journeys to and fro.

  6. Parents/guardians are advised to study the guidelines carefully and become fully conversant with the school policies and have all the rules of the school authorities shall be final and shall not be challenged in any court of law.

  7. For minor injury/ailment, first aid is rendered at the school. Though utmost care is taken than no child is hurt while playing and in laboratories, in case the child in hurt he will be referred to a competent medical authority available in the vicinity, the expenses of treatment shall be borne by the parents/guardians.

  8. The school reserves all rights to revise, modify alter of evoke any real and working pattern of the school as per the need of the times.

Annual Calendar (2016 - 2017)

Session Begins On   :   05th April - 16 ( Tuesday)

First Term   :   April-16 to Sept-16

Second Term   :   October -16 to March -17

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