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The middle school curriculam (classes VI-VIII) is child-centered and activity based so that learning is made fun and enjoyable. The academic year which extends from April to March is divided into two broad sessions and the evaluation of a child's progress is a comprehensive and continuous one. Reporting assessses the students development of skills as well as knowledge. Equal emphasis is laid on the mental, social and emotional growth of students. Activity - based learning is preferred in this section and formation of attitudes, skills and concepts is favoured over rote-learning.Values are inculacated during assembly and in the class-rooms and effort, good habits and good manners are rewarded along with excellence.

The curriculum and text-books are reviewed and revised frequently, in keeping with the latest trends of education. Learning strategies are planned keeping both the gifted and the slow-learner in mind. Remedial classes are an ongoing process here- this helps the slow, the trady and the indolent. steps are taken for maths and computer labs to enhance the joy of discovery in the children.

Our teachers attend a plethora of workshops and refresher courses to refurnish their skills and reinvent themselves in order to cater to the needs of the new-age pupil. The teaching-learning tools and methodology that find implementation in the school all contribute towards developing critical, creative, co-operative and caring thinking in our students.